Losail Night Crits

A criterium is a road race in miniature, where distances of less than 35 km and durations under the hour are typical, so the action comes thick and fast. No sooner has one attack been reeled in than the next one is away. If that succeeds, the chase is on… all the way to the sprint for the line. It’s intense racing and great fun. Carbon Wheels, sponsor of the ‘crits’, provides prizes and support but you are equally likely to come to these races for the friendly low-key atmosphere, for the opportunity for some fast training and to gain race experience.


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Please register in advance if possible. Entry on the line will be accepted only from QCF members

  • QCF members – QAR 50
  • Non members and late entries – QAR 75



The QCF training centre near the Losail International Circuit, is not particularly testing, with wide turns around roundabouts at each end of the 2.6 km lap.


These races are for a fixed time or lap count by the winner and will be announced at the start of the race. When the leader completes the specified laps/duration everyone behind him is placed based on finish order and how many laps they have completed. A bell will sound to indicate one lap to go. This not a group ride or sportive and you should be experienced and confident riding in a group before taking part.


The League is contested in ability categories. You may choose to take part in any race according to your state of fitness.

  • A Race – the fastest category averaging >40 kph
  • B Race – averaging 36-38 kph
  • C Race – averaging <35 kph
  • Women


Series ranking 2018/19 season

Points will be awarded in each category as follows:

  • To the first 10 places: 100, 88, 78,70, 65, 61, 58, 56, 54, 52
  • From 11th to 31st scores drop in 2 point increments: 50, 48, 46…
  • From 32nd to 40th scores drop in 1 point increments: 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
  • All other race starters receive 1 point
  • Disqualified participants forfeit all points for the race.