About the Academy

Started in 2024, based on a strong belief from Qatar Cycling Federation in the sport, and specifically cycling, in its power as a tool to improve the lifestyle of the Qatari community, and from its commitment to create human talents to represent the State of Qatar. The Academy provides various training types, regardless of age, gender, or physical ability. Moreover, it is supervised by pioneers from this field.

Who we are

We are more than just a cycling federation; we are a community of passionate individuals united by the pursuit of excellence and the love for two wheels. Our academy is a place where dreams take flight, where determination meets opportunity, and where champions are molded. Through our unwavering commitment to fostering talent, providing world-class training, and promoting a spirit of camaraderie, we empower riders to unleash their full potential and reach new heights in the world of cycling.Joinus on this incredible journey, as we pedal towards greatness and inspire a generation of cyclists to conquer every road, every challenge, and every goal that lies ahead. Together, we ride towards a brighter and bolder future!

Vision & Mission

"To be the premier hub for cycling excellence."
"Empowering cyclists, fostering excellence, and inspiring a brighter future in Qatar."

Our Community

Every individual among those who want to ride their bike & learning the basics of cycling. Regardless of gender, age and physical capability.


  • Saturday – Monday – Wednesday from 04:00pm to 05:00pm
  • Location: (OCT Parking)
  • Sunday – Tuesday – Thursday from ** to **(These days if required)
  • Location: (OCT Parking)

Registration Fees

  • Academy: (5 – 16 YO): 3 days a week – 1000* QAR (Including the bike)
  • Academy: (5 – 16 YO): 3 days a week – 750* QAR (No bike included)
  • 1:1 (All ages): 1 hour private class – 200** QAR
  • ** Please coordinate to book an appointment

Our Partners

  • Al-Ghariyah: (+974-4478-4302 and location)
  • Rasen Sport: (+974-3366-7073 and location)
  • Doha Cycling: (+974-4140-0150 and location)

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