School Cycling Programme

This cycling proficiency program is designed to give children greater independence on their bicycles by introducing them to safe cycling practices: They will be able to ensure that their equipment is safe, that they can cycle safely in traffic, in their compounds, on cycle paths  and on public roads and that they understand the rules of the road as applied to cyclists. A child who can ride safely gains confidence and a parent whose child can ride safely gains trust in their ability to explore theirworld by bike. Such are the aims of the School Cycling Programme.

The workshop is delivered in a single 75 minute session and is suitable as an extra-curricular activity or as part of a PE curriculum.

Arrange a Session for Your School

The School Cycling Programme is presently in a pre-launch pilot phase. You can contact us to organize a workshop for your school. Be aware that as we build our service there may be constraints on dates.




A per pupil charge will be applied which will compare favourably with other after school activities.

Support the Programme

The programme is looking for a sponsor to support its development and delivery. Can your organization help create the next generation of cyclists?

Or partner with us? QCF will train your instructors to deliver workshops and provide teaching resources. You just need to supply your expertise in coaching children.

For either of these opportunities, contact QCF’s cycling development coordinator