Clubs & Groups

Whether due to the relative youth of the sport, the transient nature of the huge expat community or regulation that makes setup of clubs less easy than elsewhere, or because cycling has evolved in a social media driven world… whatever the reason, there aren’t many official clubs in Qatar.  However, clubs do exist and they are doing a great job. Qatar Cycling Federation’s goal is to support the creation of more of them. On this page we’ll tell you about Qatar’s cycling clubs and what they can do foryou.

Qatar Cyclists

Qatar Cyclists have a predominantly, but not exclusively, Qatari and Arab membership. They have regular group rides, training sessions, and spin classes. The latter run by their own UCI qualified coaches. They are also active in organising public events, the most well-known of which is the Ride of Champions.

Qatar Cyclists have had a lot of success in boosting the number of active Qatari cyclists of all ages and both genders.

Triclub Doha

While it may seem strange to list a triathlon club on a cycling federation site, Triclub Doha are of course active in cycling and worthy of special mention are the excellent opportunities TriClub have created for children to compete on their bikes in triathlon and duathlon. With swimming and running training offered too, an excellent sporting foundation is created.

Qatar Chain Reaction

QCR is part of the foundations of cycling in Qatar. The extent of its activity ebbs and flows subject to the comings and goings of its mainly expat membership but the popular Friday Ride rolls out all year round regardless.

It is better described as a Facebook group which ties the expat cycling community together as it has no club structures; membership, committee etc. While this probably stunts its development, it seems to work, with a succession of volunteers coming forward to organise rides and activities.

United Filipino Mountain Bikers

If QCR might lay claim to giving birth to mountain biking in Qatar, UFMBQ have signed the adoption papers! Their large and colourful membership set the scene at not just mountain bike races but all cycling events. They describe themselves as “an umbrella organization for Filipino mountain biking & cycling enthusiasts, promoting sportsmanship, camaraderie and healthy competition through mountain biking here in the State of Qatar.

“UFMBQ is a non-profit, sports related organization recognized and registered in the embassy of the Philippines in Doha (cor no. 147-2014). We have been actively organizing grass roots and community level mountain bike races and events and providing support and volunteers for various minor and major sporting events since 2013.”

And More

QCR and UFMBQ are just two of the many social media oriented cycling groups in Qatar. Qatar Cycling Federation are working to establish support for clubs and to encourage the established sport clubs to form cycling sections.