Where to Ride

One of the joyous and memorable moments of parenthood comes when you remove the training wheels, and watch your child take to two wheels for the first time. Better still, this is just the start of many experiences your family will share on bicycles.

On this page, you’ll find ideas for what you can do to get your family active by bike in Qatar.

Olympic Cycling Lane

When the Olympic Cycling Lane opened in February 2020 it instantly became a game changer for cycling in Qatar. For the first time cyclists have a car-free, two lane road, enabling safe riding at all times of day, whether in a group or riding solo. It is an out-and-back route connecting Doha to the Al Bayt Stadium outside Al Khor – a one way distance of 33 kilometers. There is parking at its southern end here and at the northern end here and additional entrance/exits with parking at Lusail Sports Complex and Al Dayyen.

Lusail International Circuit

Lusail International circuit, situated a short distance north of Doha, opens its doors to cyclists, runners, walkers and roller-bladers on Tuesday (ladies and children only) and Wednesday evenings between October and June. It is not available when the track is in use for racing so be sure to check their events calendar. Bicycles are available to hire and there is a café where you can hang out after your ride.

Cycle Paths

You’ll see new cycle paths appearing all over Qatar. Not all paths are fully connected yet but why not get out and explore what’s available in your neighbourhood? Family favourites include the cycle path leading from C-Ring starting here and continuing all the way out to Hamad International Airport. The route islandscaped and planted and after dark, the coloured lights on the expressway make this an extra special trip.
Another family-friendly adventure leads from this spot close to the Ash-Shahaniya camel race track. A few kilometers of riding takes you to the Al Dossari Zoo and Game Reserve but the cycle path extends over 30km northwards through Qatar’s interior for a longer day out.

A route of interest to those wishing to travel longer distances is the path from Doha all the way to Al Ruwais. At time of writing, the route is not connected in all sections but still offers many kilometers of traffic-free cycling in the north. Similarly, the cycle path accompanying the Al Khor highway is nearing completion. Exploring Qatar by bike is becoming ever more attractive.

Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City Mall is enclosed by a 2.7km cycling track which includes optional skills sections such as pump track, rock garden and rollers. These are great for developing cycling ability and, most importantly, they are great fun. You’ll go round once, then twice, then three times and the kids will still be crying out for “One more time!