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We give you your national champions

For the second National Road Race Championships taking place in Dukhan last weekend we returned to the course of the inaugural event without apology, as we find in Dukhan the most interesting and challenging terrain in Qatar. There are a couple of main climbs but these are coupled to frequent changes of direction, so riders […]

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Ninety minutes of ‘DuHell’

The boys of Camp Banayad MTB are a sub-community of United Filipino Mountain Bikers (UFMBQ). Their weapons of choice are the BMX and the long travel suspension mountain bike and they inhabit Duhail; an area just north of the city where the second race in the UFMBQ Mountain Bike League was held on Friday. Here, […]

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Arab MTB Championship 2019

Over the summer, the National Team’s focus has been on mountain bike stage racing. Starting with the infamously tough Croatian 4 Islands race, which was truly a baptism of fire for the team. Through the rest of the summer, the racing continued as follows: UCI 4 Island MTB Stage Race 5 Stages (Cat. UCI S1) […]

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New teams on the block

This is Qatar and with the ever-changing Doha skyline, road network and expat comings and goings, we’ve all come to expect change. In cycling the once mighty Carbon Wheels Racing, who laid the foundations of the amateur sport, are present but in lower strength. Giant RBS? Gone. Velostar’s supernova has imploded too; today’s Royal Air […]

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Qatar National Team

Szymon Jakub Wasiak (Poland/UK)

Szymon is a High Performance UCI Cycling Coach and ex pro Rider
Goal: Produce an Olympic Champion

Abdullah Al Jaaidi (Qatar)

Qualification: UCI Level 2 Coach
Goal: Support the athletes in their development path

Mouhcine Rhaili (Morocco)

UCI Level 1 Coach and ex National Team rider
Goal: Develop young athletes and discover cycling talents in Qatar

Tariq Ismaili (Iran)

UCI Coach and ex Qatar National Team rider
Nationality: Iran
Goal: Introduce the youngest riders to cycling adventure

Fadel Al Khater

Favourite race: Tour Of Oman
Rider Type: All-rounder
Best piece of advice: Always give it all!
Best result: 2019 Qatar ITT Champion
Goal: Win an Olympic medal
Favourite bike: Cannondale Aero Bike, the fastest bike in the world

Marwan Al Jalham

Favourite race: Cape Epic SA
Rider Type: Puncheur
Best piece of advice: plan workout for your goals, be patient don’t rush yourself to avoid mistakes
Best result: 2019 Qatar MTB Champion
Goal: Represent my country in Olympic Games
Favourite bike: Cannondale Lefty. Amazing design and super light

Abdulla Al Khater

Favourite race: Tour de France
Rider Type: All-rounder
Best piece of advice: Always wear a cycling helmet
Best result: 3rd Qatar ITT Championships
Goal: Win an Olympic medal
Favourite bike: Cipolini, perfect geometry for my body

Abdullah Al Jaaidi

Favourite race: Vuelta Espania
Rider Type: All-rounder
Best piece of advice: Train with the team – together you are stronger !
Best result: GCC Tour stage winner
Goal: Win a medal in Asian Games
Favourite bike: BMC – the best technology!

Khaleel Al Rahman

Favourite race: Milan-San Remo
Rider Type: Sprinter
Best piece of advice: It’s never too late to become a champion !
Best result: 2nd place in Arab championships road race
Cycling Goal: Win an Asian Games medal
Favourite bike: Specialised Venge, it’s a great bike for sprinters

Nayef Al Mesallam

Favourite race: Tour of Qatar
Rider Type: All-rounder
Goal: Represent my country in the Olympic Games
Favourite bike: Cannondale Lefty