Andrej Filip: New to Zwift

Andrej Filip: New to Zwift

Like many of you, QCF’s own Andrej Filip is new to indoor training inthe modern era of Zwift. We caught up with him to ask him for hisadvice for those just starting and why it has taken him so long to geton board!

Andrej, welcome to Zwift! Can you describe your setup and equipment for us?

I am using second hand Tacx Neo trainer. I haven’t tried the othersbut this one works good for me –  silent, sturdy and responsive. I justneed to remove the back wheel and attach the bike, plug it in and that’sit. I am using a recent Windows laptop which has Bluetooth 4 built inso it connects to the Neo without any other device. I am using the 7 daytrial version of Zwift, but will for sure now subscribe. The otheressentials: I just bought a fan, I have a water bottle and a towel.

What got you started?

I was a good junior rider but now I don’t ride a bike enough. As youknow I am normally extremely busy with events but that has almoststopped now. I have time and want to do some exercise. I saw there aresome activities happening and I called Neil and coach Szymon to give mesome advice on how it works. I would suggest for others to also checkwith friends for advice and help in setting up.

What were your first impressions?

This is fun, much better than only riding on a trainer, somethingthat will be useful not only during the situation we are in now, butalso for dusty and extremely hot days during summer.

And what are the benefits to you?

You can ride anytime it suits you. Since I didn’t ride at all, or doany activity, I want to get fit. First thing I did was an FTP test, andfrom here I set up a goal of doing some base training first few weeksand later step up and do some sessions which will hopefully result ingetting competitive. I hope I’ll do some races. The system has similarability grading to our RAM league races – groups from A to D dependingon your fitness level.

Did you face any problems getting onto Zwift?

Not really, I checked some videos and listened to advice and it was easy.

What are your tips for new Zwifters?

Take it step by step. Find a suitable place where you can set up thetrainer, cool, with a table for your laptop, iPad, TV or other device.First just do a ride, to get a feeling. Get some music on and have fun.Later on start exploring the gamification that Zwift offers to motivateyou to ride further or faster. Explore the apps that are connected toZwift – Zwift companion and Zwift power are useful for the meet up ridesand races. I’ve started looking at the structured workouts and trainingplans to make my next steps forwards.

Finally, why DID it take you so long to join the Zwift party!?

No comment 😀

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