Cycle in Italy Virtually

Cycle in Italy Virtually

Qatar Cycling Federation, Zwift Qatar and TriClub Doha have teamed upwith PedalItaly to take you where quarantine restrictions won’t allow –to the famous strade bianche of the Tuscan hills! Register now

Join us this Friday at 9am on the Rouvy virtual cycling platformfor a personal tour of some of the white dirt roads featured in thefamous Italian cycling race. PedalItaly not only will put us inside theglorious video they have filmed but also our ride is accompanied by a local guide, Gabriel Mirra, via Zoom meeting. If you have been stuck onZwift since the start of the summer, Rouvy offers a welcome change ofscenery. If you have been waking before dawn to get your outside ridein, make this week a lie-in. And if you are skeptical about indoorcycling, let’s see if the enhanced experience that PedalItaly brings canchange your mind.

  • Requires Rouvy to be installed on a compatible device
  • Free to take part. No Rouvy subscription is required.

PedalItaly is an interesting response to the Covid-19 pandemic by the real-world cycling tour company, Ciclismoplus.  Their initial idea wasto advertise the beauty of the region in the hope of bringing customersto their business when restrictions lift but they discovered a demandfor virtual tours which saw them become a new revenue stream. Finally,  they came full circle when the Italian tourism authorities realised thepotential and paid them to showcase their country. Qatar’s virtualcyclists have been with them along this journey and this Friday they’lltake us on the latest free tour.

Rouvy is unique among virtual cycling platforms by combiningvideo of real scenery with animated avatars. Those who enjoy discoveringthe world via bike have thousands of routes to choose from. Those whowho like to ride with company get that too. PedalItaly’s role is tobring the roads and the cyclists together and get them talking!Recently, Rouvy introduced its own version of the Zwift Meet-Ups inwhich you may have already participated with Zwift Qatar.The Rouvy ‘Magnet’ keeps everyone at the speed of the ride leader soyou need not worry about your ability to stay with the group. Eighteenmonths into the pandemic and at the start of Qatar’s hot summer you candiscover Tuscany… and some things that virtual cycling can do betterthan real life!

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