UCI launches Olympic virtual series

UCI launches Olympic virtual series

With much of the northern hemisphere looking forward to gettingoutdoors more often, here in Qatar the long hot summer is about to hit.Ideal then that the UCI has teamed up with the IOC and the Zwift virtualcycling game to bring us 28 days of Olympic themed events starting thisweek. QCF and Team Qatar whole-heartedly support this initiative tobuild excitement towards the Tokyo Games and to open up the best ofZwift to those new to indoor cycling.

Something for everyone

The UCI has aimed for broad appeal with this series. There will be social rides where Zwift will cunningly broadcast podcastsby past and present Olympians to kill the urge to race. Theseathletes from all cycling disciplines have also contributed to no-drop group workouts. For those with a competitive streak, ‘chase’ races startfastest riders last, from where they attempt to catch the slowestbefore the finish line. All of these take place daily at multipletime-slots.


  • All events daily, from June 1st – 27th
  • Celebrity chase race 18th June
  • Olympic Day celebrity rides 23rd June

Find out more about the events and schedule

New to Zwift?

Zwift links your trainer to the game (Windows, Apple OS, Apple TV,iOS and Android) bringing both the social and competitive elements ofcycling indoors. The IOC and the UCI are offering complementary accessthroughout the Olympic Virtual Series, effectively offering you asuper-long trial period. Codes can be obtained by registering on the UCI Website

Find out more about Zwift here

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